Nicholas Pumper Art


“Who am I” is a tad existential, 

but here are some “me” facts.

Hey, I’m Nick,

and I'm a painter and Second Lieutenant for the United States Air Force. Since early college, I've spent my free time painting, and thousands hours of experience later, I've had the honor of fulfilling many commissions. I affectionately call Minnesota my home, but due to the demands of active duty USAF, I'm moving around the world for the time being.

My paintings specialize in the Catholic faith and nature, typically done in acrylic or oil, in the styles of realism, expressionism, and impressionism. Such compositions vary from small 10"x12" pieces to 3 foot by 4 foot paintings with hundreds of hours of work.

Work History

Nicholas Pumper Art

06.01.2020 – Present

Owner & Painter

United States Air Force

05.22.2020 – Present

Cyber Operations Officer

Second Lieutenant


  • University of St Thomas
  • Saint Paul, Minnesota –
  • Computer Science Bachelor of Arts, 2020 – Graduated with minors in Aerospace Studies and Theology.


Things I Like

- Gardening

- Backpacking

- Reading

- My 90's Volvo Wagon

- World War One History

- William-Adophe Bouguereau

- Gustave Caillebotte

- Vincent van Gogh

- Arrival

- O Brother Where Art Thou