Nicholas Pumper Art

Virgin Annunciate

"Here am I, the servant of the Lord."

Acrylic on Canvas

18” x 22”

July 2021

It was there, at the Annunciation, that our Blessed Mother accepted one day the horror of watching her Son tortured and crucified before her. In this yes, she gave up all of her hopes and dreams and ambitions to one day watch her only Son die. It is here, that her life changed forever, and all of humanity with her. Where Adam could not give up his wants and desires for God, Mary did.

Love is sacrifice. You cannot have your wants and desires and claim to love, for love is preferring another to your own life. Are we willing to give up our dearest dreams for even one person? Love is praying and waiting every day for even one person who is most undeserving. Love will tear your heart out, leave you in pieces, wondering if you’ll ever feel whole again.

But it is here, in this self-abdication, that we have lived life to its fullest.

He has called us to this, for He longs for our return to Him. He is all our hearts have ever longed for. He is the light for which we reach for, but in our mortal frame, is blinding. He is the whisper, that once listened to, reveals itself to be the deafening roar of eternity. He is the dearest Love we have dreamed of, but are scared to hope for out of a broken heart. 

And with Him, after the sacrifice of our longings, desires, dearest dreams, ambitions, and all else we hold on to, it is then there we find Him, and all of the heavens awaiting.