Nicholas Pumper Art

Not a Worry In Sight, Wandering the July Thunderstorm

Acrylic on Canvas

14" x 11"

February 2021

Have you ever childishly wandered a thunderstorm with someone? Someone who would spontaneously do something as inconvenient, immature, and not pragmatic as that? Have you ever had a friend who lets you truly be you? Where you don’t ever really think if something sounds childish, impulsive, or immature? Where you don’t worry about being an adult, pragmatic, put together, or impressive? Who lets you say your dorky ideas and jokes without worry of being chastised? Who lets you be passionate about silly things you like, that others think are dorky and immature? Who feels safe enough to do the same with you?

With them, you feel like a kid again with them. Heartbreaks accrued with adulthood suddenly melt away. They awaken within you childlike joy that you had long forgotten. And everything the world tells you that you need, like a nice car, a big house, a six figure salary, a hot sex life, etc., all suddenly mean nothing in comparison to that joy that you found in giving someone that trust.

That’s the condition: you must give them that trust. You must be so open with them that the inner workings of your heart, that childlike joy, are open for them to hurt. You must give them the power to absolutely crush you with a few angry words. You must give them the power to enact the heartbreak you swore to never feel again.

It’s not safe. It’s not pragmatic. It’s not encouraged. It’s not wise. It’s incredibly foolish.

But God did not make our hearts for safety, pragmatism, being mature, impressing others, having the ideal career, or whatever else. He made them for love.