Nicholas Pumper Art

Sunset Hay Bales at the Family Farm

Acrylic on Canvas Board

14" x 11"

September 2020

Why paint a hay bale?

Let’s start here: we’re very familiar with what the modern world tells us. If you “self care” and “be vulnerable” and “have brave discussions” and “work harder” you can “make a lasting impact”. This hay bale makes me happier than any of that. That’s right: a stupid collection of grass makes me happier than these ideas that we are being sold over and over. 

I tried the “making an impact” route. Hardcore too. But instead God put some light on some simple grass that makes me happier than any of that. And through the joy that grows out of that wonder, I may be better able to grow in unconditional love to those around me.

God made me human, and I don’t need to be more than that. I accept how small I am with open arms. Or at least I try to every day.